Expert view: Spring clean

As our thoughts turn optimistically to summer, is it time to organise a spring cleaning review?

Alistair ClaytonBy Alistair Clayton, commercial director, Cleanall Services.
The answer: Yes.

Whilst cleaning should not be a knee-jerk response to either a change in the seasons or in last minute preparation for an audit or inspection, now is the time to review.

Cleaning should be a central part of your on-going commitment to your business: your customers, your staff, your property – you need to protect, maintain and retain all three!

Do not look upon cleaning as an expense or a necessary evil either – it can help differentiate you from your competitors and add value to your business at every level.

Cleaning is therefore proactive – not reactive (although fire, flood, wind, vandal damage is not always predictable). It is intrinsically embedded in your quality system and – in sporting analogy – should be the first player on the team sheet. Put simply: Cleaning is for life not just for spring…