Everything you need to know about CTA's

CTA’s are not just for Ads 

Many people assume CTA’s are quite aggressive, pushy and just used on Ads to encourage people to BUY NOW, but this isn’t true. CTA’s don’t just need to feature on Ads or your website but on emails and social posts too. Emails with a single call-to-action can increase clicks by up to 371% and sales up to 1617%. They can also be worded much more gently and softer than you would imagine too. By speaking to people like they are people, in a friendly, conversational way, you can bet you are going to get button clicks.  

Your competitors probably aren’t using them effectively  

Here is your opportunity to get ahead of the game and undercut your competition. 47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see. This means that more than half don’t!  If you thread lots of varying kinds of friendly call to action buttons across your website in very visible places you're already in a great position to gain more leads. That’s not to mention if you include them in your Ads, social channels and emails too! 

They’re more effective on minimal websites, ads and posts.  

Call-to-actions that are surrounded by more negative space and less clutter increase a company’s conversion rate by 232%. The less noise there is on your website, or post the more people will be drawn to your call to action button. People like clean-cut aesthetics and it really does motivate people to click and find out more.  

Buttons covert the most  

Just like we’ve mentioned people are all about the visuals and by making CTAs look like buttons businesses have created a 45% boost in clicks. Yes, that’s right. Simply the shape of the CTA can encourage people to add to basket, find out more, have a chat or continue to checkout.  

Colours matter  

Hubspot performed a study which found that a red-coloured CTA button performed better than a green-coloured one, 21% more people clicked on a red CTA button as opposed to the green. Now we’re not saying red might work best for everyone, you might need to perform research on your sector, people click different colours for different reasons. You can also run your own little experiment, have your buttons one colour for one month and another colour on a different month and see which works best for you. 

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