Every business needs to have a Helping Hand

When it comes to commercial cleaning, every business needs a helping hand but not everyone recognises that from the get-go for fear of interruption or intrusion.

However, with the right team offering the right services, having dedicated commercial cleaners on a regular basis is a godsend.

We believe in letting our customers do the talking and Colin Briggs says The Helping Hands Group has made all the difference to his business, especially over the past 12 months. Colin is chief executive of Ciceley Commercials Ltd, a North West commercial vehicle dealership.

He said: “Following many years of employing small teams to conduct the general cleaning of offices I realised the problems around skill level, sickness and holiday cover was proving difficult to manage. As the business grew, the problem only increased. It was time to seek the services of an outside contractor.

“From several companies tendering for the business Helping Hands was the only company that emphasised not only their unrivalled expertise but also their ability to be flexible in terms of service and growth. So, I guess if I have to sum up in one word what stood out for them it is flexibility.

“Without doubt contracting the helping Hands Group was the perfect decision. The approach by all the staff, be it contact with head office or the cleaners themselves, the ‘can do’ attitude has exceeded my expectations.

“The changes required to meet Covid demands proved their adaptability, ensuring all the necessary precautions were taken and using only the very highest level of PPE they have to wear. They are quite simply great people doing a tremendous job.”

For more details on how The Helping Hands Group can support your commercial cleaning needs, call 01254 812144 or email emma@thehelpinghandsgroup.co.uk

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