Enterprise4All scores gold

Enterprise4All, in its most recent Investors in People assessment, has achieved the highest world-class standard.

IiPGoldrThe gold standard puts the organisation in the top four per cent of all IiP-accredited organisations globally.

Investors in People is the most successful framework for business improvement through people management globally, providing a wealth of resources for businesses to innovate, improve and grow, with a focus on good people making great business.

Gold is the highest level of recognition which organisations can achieve and is only given to those that are able to demonstrate a degree of excellence in the way they develop and support their staff.

Enterprise4All's last IiP assessment review was in 2011 and it achieved silver status, only 13 points away from gold. This year’s assessment involved an independent IiP assessor interviewing a random selection of team members from across Enterprise4All.

All aspects of team engagement, business planning processes, training and development plans and Enterprise4All polices were assessed against a set of criteria. With activities such as staff development days, an annual conference, flexible working hours and competitive reward packages Enterprise4All are firmly committed to being a leading employer. Enterprise4All is an independent source of business advice and business support services in the Lancashire sub-region, and works closely with partner organisations. Its aim is to provide easily accessible, high quality, customer-focused business support services to help businesses in Lancashire start, grow and become more successful.