Burnley company wins United Utilities contract

Hardy Services, a rapidly expanding, family-run engineering services business based in Burnley, has been awarded a coveted contract by United Utilities.

Paul HardyThe utilities and water services specialist has now begun work on renovating a popular beauty spot, Wayoh reservoir, near Bolton, as the first stage of a £160,000 programme to improve safety at five reservoirs in the North West.

The work at Wayoh involves cleaning the spillway by removing all the vegetation and jet-washing the face of the stonework before pressure-grouting the original stone sets to secure the spillway and prevent it declining further.

Andrew Baron, a senior manager with United Utilities, says the work is key to improving reservoir safety. He said: “This is something we hold in the highest regard. By clearing and pressure-pointing the overflow channels, the reservoirs will be fit to tackle the challenges we all face from an ever-changing climate, in particular flash floods. It will also drastically improve the aesthetics of the reservoirs.”

The renovations at Wayoh will be finished by Christmas. A second team from Hardys has already begun similar work at Quarry Hill, in Cumbria, and engineers will then move onto Borrans, Horlock and Pennington reservoirs, all of them also in Cumbria. The programme will be completed by the middle of 2015. Paul Hardy, managing director, Hardy Services, says the company has won spillway work for UU all over the North West. He said: “Each project has its own challenges, from reservoir flood contingencies, crayfish, ecological and environmental issues, the weather or just the simple fact that we can’t stop the water course. This contract gives us a fantastic base to push forward and grow the business."