Employers finding it more difficult to recruit skilled people

Two years ago it was common for employers to get hundreds of applications for one low level vacancy. Well, the table has turned and it's now become more of a buyers' market where job seekers with good skills and experience are in shorter supply.

Research by the over 50s job site, SkilledPeople.com, identified this trend earlier this year. Now the general recruiter Adzuna is saying much the same. Companies are finding it more difficult to recruit good quality, experienced and skilled people.

This is good news for the over 50s who typically are better equipped to make a contribution to a business large or small with less training or down time. According to the latest data, there is a shortage of skilled candidates in 75 per cent of UK cities. SkilledPeople.com and Adzuna have both seen vacancies rise to almost 1.2 million over the last 12 months but job hunter levels have dropped to 700,000.

Across 56 cities, there are not sufficient skilled candidates for advertised vacancies in some 41. Cities where job hunting is easiest are Cambridge, Guildford and Oxford. At the other end of the scale are Sunderland, Hull and Bradford.