Eight checks before moving to ‘The Cloud'

By Andrew Coop, managing director at CMS Group.

1. Look at your business now and where you expect to be in 3 years to ensure your IT strategy is aligned with business growth.

2. Thoroughly audit systems to outline existing IT issues so that a strategy can be created to enable a smooth Cloud migration with no hidden issues. The audit should also create peace of mind that the proposed cost are accurate avoiding any after or hidden costs.

3. Ensure your systems and any bespoke software is supported in the cloud environment before agreeing on a Data Center. Discuss the migration with the software provider to check that all software is run on a compatible platform with the required specs.

4. Confirm your applications will be run on the appropriate level/type of storage so that prime performance levels are achieved whilst keeping the environment costs effective.

a. E.g. low priority apps run on lower cost storage whilst more demanding applications and databases are run on a faster tier of storage.

5. Visit the DC to confirm it’s of the correct caliber and security level.

6. Ensure your DC has a guaranteed up time and a number of different Internet providers running simultaneously.

7. Check that resilience is included in your proposal to minimise downtime. If it is ask how much storage is available, to enable seamless expansion in the future if required. 8. When comparing quotes make sure proposals are of the same standard; providing the same level of support, performance, resilience and future proofed capabilities.