DRN joins forces with CheckedSafe

The DRN team is pleased to announce its partnership with compliance solutions organisation CheckedSafe, as part of its commitment to providing leading legal support and advice in any and all traffic law cases.

CheckedSafeThe global partnership network offers expert solutions for transport and haulage business owners and their drivers and operators. As a member of the network, DRN can offer our unique expertise in this specialist area of the law as part of CheckedSafe’s compliance solutions for the transport sector.

Working with a global SaaS platform like CheckedSafe means that specialist DRN solicitors can be reached via the organisation’s bespoke and package solutions, offering comprehensive legal support where you need it, when it matters most. This system enables you to manage and protect your workforce and comply with legal and commercial requirements whilst reducing cost and liability.

Working with DRN, CheckedSafe has the necessary experience, resources and service capabilities to not only satisfy compliance requirements now, but develop and evolve as laws and regulations change. For more information about how DRN and CheckedSafe can benefit your transport business, visit the  CheckedSafe and DRN website where you can also find out about how you can ensure your business is fully complaint and up-to-date with all motoring and transport regulations now, and in the future.