Downing Street congratulates Hyndburn Council

Hyndburn Council was praised by Number 10 for its swift response in helping local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. 

During the Downing Street daily briefing, special recognition was given to those councils who stood out in their response in issuing the business grants.

Councils were measured on their response through their speed in issuing the money and the percent of businesses they reached. With 342 councils in England, Hyndburn was placed in the top three.

As part of the Downing Street Press Conference on Wednesday evening MP Robert Jenrick, local government secretary, congratulated those councils who stood out:

“… I would like to congratulate those councils who have worked extremely hard, sometimes around the clock, to get those grants out to the businesses that desperately need them. I would like to congratulate Chichester, Ealing and Hyndburn Councils, who are the three highest performing councils so far in England...”

Cllr Miles Parkinson OBE, leader of Hyndburn Council, couldn’t be prouder of the team involved: "It is wonderful to receive recognition for the hard work that has been done within Hyndburn Council. This success is through dedication, lots of planning and a fantastic team of people who care about our Borough, first and foremost.

"These business grants were a lifeline to many people, so it was crucial we issued them as quickly as possible. We are a small council with few resources and less employees that most, our staff have worked incredibly hard in difficult circumstances including working long hours and weekends to ensure this money, which is a lifeline to many local businesses, reached them as soon as possible.  It’s a testament to their dedication to the local community, delivering this money quickly to where it is needed."

Hyndburn Council has issued grants to more than 1,700 local businesses totalling almost £20m of funding, with the first wave being paid out within a few days of it being available. This money has reached 98% of businesses identified as being eligible and Hyndburn are working hard to reach the remaining 2% who may be eligible to claim.