Digital killed the video star

By Andy Hoyle, Fifty3 North.

Software development has transformed the world we live in and the way we do business more than anything in history.

We attract new clients (and communicate with them) via social media, we manage our banking via an app, we control our customer relationships and insights via CRMs and at the end of a long working day, we switch on our heating and lighting and download a movie, via our smartphones.

We live in a digital world and consumers expect businesses to provide them with the next big thing using speedy solutions at the click of a button. Are you up to the challenge?

Even if you don’t realise it, there are hundreds of ways that using software innovations can turn your business from good to great and put you ahead of competitors.

Whether that’s revolutionising your back office systems or developing your front end platforms, every company can operate smarter and more innovatively. Every business has issues they can’t seem to overcome.

We can help.

How can Fifty3North Help?

Welcome to Fifty3North. A team of software developers based right here in Blackburn, specialising in bespoke software development.

We love to innovate and we love developing software from websites and apps to back end systems, that will make a difference to your world and that of your consumer.

Why travel to London when you can keep it local with a highly skilled team on your doorstep? Plus, we can not only help you realise your dream, but also develop, launch and market it for you.