Coffee shows its muscle

A Kelbrook entrepreneur’s coffee business has been given a lift with endorsement from British Weight Lifting.

Sean Hickey, 28, is the owner of Extreme Bean, a healthy coffee alternative to the usual sources of caffeine fix.

Launched in February this year, the business’ growth to date has been through an active social media presence, athlete endorsement, events and Sean’s CrossFit connections.

Now, he has gained endorsement from the BWL, the National Governing Body for Olympic Weight Lifting and Paralympic Powerlifting in Great Britain, he expects the Extreme Bean brand to be synonymous with top class athletes UK-wide.

He said: “Coffee has never before been sold as an energy drink, but if you think about it, that’s exactly what it is. So many people drink sugar and sweetener packed energy drinks pre-workout and Extreme Bean presents a healthier option.

“Most people see coffee as a relaxing drink with friends, or post-meeting, but why does it have to be limited to that? Extreme Bean is seeking to break the rules and it seems that others are ready to join us.”

“Endorsement from the BWL is a really progressive step for the business. It is a long established, well respected body and we’re proud to say that they have taken us on board. The endorsement enables our messages reach a much wider audience all of who we hope will join us on the Extreme Bean journey.”

Sean is confident that the endorsement will help open doors to other fitness related relationships, the first being CrossFit.

Being a member at CrossFit Pendle himself, Sean now has his goals set on approaching CrossFit gyms UK-wide, in order that they can sell to their members. “Extreme Bean has been well received at CrossFit Pendle and endorsed by some of the best CrossFit athletes in the UK, so our next move makes perfect sense.”