Decision taker, brew maker

Nipping out to buy teabags and sugar for the office the other day got me thinking about all those extra tasks we carry out at work which fall outside of our actual remit.

On paper, a director’s role may well be key decision and deal maker but in reality the responsibilities of this role stretch to chief bin monitor and morning brew maker.

And while these tasks may not feature high up in a list of roles and responsibilities, if at all, they are absolutely key to the day-to-day management of an office and like it or not, somebody has to take ownership of these tasks in order to keep things ticking along nicely.

Often we inherit jobs simply because our predecessor did it, because we are first person in each morning or we are a good organiser.

Take IT for example, there is always at least one ‘techy’ person in the office who we look to in solving computer issues even if their advice stretches only to switching it off and on again.

In the same way, the efficient office organiser may gain responsibility for sourcing phone, gas and electricity suppliers or physical business essentials such as computers, phones and photocopiers. Their knowledge in these areas may be limited but they will get the job done in and around their regular working day.

Imagine then this. You have access to consultants who make life a little bit easier for your business and save you some money along the way.

Each consultant has knowledge, experience and contacts in their specialist areas and their primary goal is to help you get the best deals for your business, whether this is for communications, ICT, energy or logistics.

If you need to update your office printers, they will contact the manufacturers direct for the best spec and price; you want to change your gas supplier, they will monitor dips in the market and buy on your behalf, and if you are looking to buy mobiles for your staff, you can trust them to negotiate the best deal.

Sounds good? We think so too; but sorry, we don’t empty your bins. 

Frazer Durris
Director and co-founder
Businesswise solutions