David Ross acquires Simon Jersey

David Ross, the entrepreneur who made his name with the development of Carphone Warehouse, has bought control of Kwintet UK from the Sweden-based Kwintet group.

Simon JerseyThe company will now operate as an independent business and rebrand as Simon Jersey.

The deal to buy the UK corporate uniforms and workwear supplier from Swedish parent group Kwintet AB includes the Simon Jersey corporatewear brand as well as Pionér, a fire retardant brand leader within the oil and gas and utilities sector.

In addition, the company will still continue to offer garments from the Bragard, Fristads Kansas brands and Wenaas.

Ross’s investment in Simon Jersey, based in Accrington, follows his 2013 purchase of Ballyclare, a leading supplier of protective clothing.

He said: “The Simon Jersey brand has over 40 years’ experience serving both the UK and international markets, as well as a bespoke design and full service offering, so provides the perfect platform as a name for the wider business to replace Kwintet.

“This is a great business which has been unable to develop its full potential in recent years. It has a strong reputation for innovative garment design, and with our experience, we believe we can improve the performance of the business further. “Simon Jersey and Ballyclare will operate and trade separately, both being able to prosper and grow by focusing on the specific needs of customers in the respective industries which each business serves, but where opportunities arise and there is a customer need, they will cooperate together to collaboratively deliver a full service one stop shop and even better value.”