CUBE HR partners with PH7 Health

CUBE HR is delighted to announce that it has partnered up with PH7 Health to give all their clients access to an amazing suite of wellbeing services, which includes telephone and face-to-face therapeutic counselling, along with a whole host of advice.

Lisa Sourbutts, MD of CUBE HR, said "I've researched and had access to many, many Employee Assistance Programmes throughout my career, but none of them have been anywhere near as good as the PH7 Health one. 

"We trialled PH7 Health with a couple of our larger employers a few months ago and they couldn't speak highly enough about it - feedback from employees was that it made them feel cared for and they loved having that confidential support available. 

"Statistics show a 36% reduction in absences for businesses that have an Employee Assistance Programme in place, and with PH7 Health reporting a 71.5% return to work rate for anxiety and depression interventions, it just made sense for us to make this support available to all our clients, regardless of employee numbers."