Contract hire

It can all be very exciting, travelling to manufacturer dealerships, taking test drives and thumbing through glossy brochures.

But becoming increasingly commonplace for businesses is the contract hire approach with its fixed budgeting and, crucially, the freeing up of capital.

It’s then that you need an expert to essentially ‘compare the market’ for you; a leasing broker who has all the major facilities to help you price up the vehicle according to your specification.

Some leasing providers can be stronger on certain makes and models; it’s the broker’s role to identify the best package for you and your business.

By obtaining comparable quotes from each leasing company, this will give the best possible price available. Whilst your fleet may favour one leasing company over another, the only way you know you’re getting the most cost effective price is to undertake the exercise.

Another advantage of this route is that your leasing broker will have knowledge of the industry and will be aware of what vehicles represent good value at that time.

It is not uncommon for funders to help manufacturers sell unsold stock, help with a new model launch, or decide they wish to sell a number of vehicles at a subsidised rate from the manufacturer.

And once everything is agreed, don’t forget to ascertain the P11D value and CO2 emissions so you can make an informed decision for both the business and the driver.

Marc Mcloughlin
Key Fleet Automotive