Communication keeps employees engaged

The new national lockdown announced on October 31 has temporarily extinguished the light at the end of the tunnel, leaving business owners more unsure of the future and employees facing the prospect of furlough once again.

The government is reverting back to the August rules of the scheme and contributing 80% of unworked wages, with the employer paying their national insurance and pension contributions.

With everything changing so rapidly, it's natural that your employees will feel unsettled, fearful of their future and may well disengage, so it’s really important to keep good lines of communication open and fully explain what is happening with the business and their work.

There are plenty of fun ways you can keep staff engaged when they can’t go to work or go out. 

Employees can still do training (as long as you make sure they receive at least national minimum wage for any time spent) so it may be a good time to look at free or low cost resources that are out there and upskill whilst you’ve downed tools.

It's natural that your employees will feel fearful of their future

Why not try making up a reading list and seeing who can read (or listen) to the most books; creating a list of everyone’s favourite programmes and having a binge watching contest; setting an exercise challenge that can be done around the house or outside; arranging an online quiz or virtual pub night; challenging people to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill; seeing who can go on the longest virtual world tour; or having a weekly bake-off or food contest.

Whatever you do, keep communication consistent, positive and honest.

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