CMS Live Score a Run with Nelson Cricket Club

CMS Live has announced new sponsorship of Nelson Cricket Club.

The club, founded in 1881 and part of the Lancashire League, currently holds the record for winning more league titles than any other Lancashire club. The team has teamed up with CMS Live to increase exposure for one another.

CMS Live will provide a range of web services that will benefit the club and enhance its online presence - something that is important, even in the sports world, in the club growing and increasing in publicity and success, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best: playing cricket.

CMS Live has created a brand new website for the club, giving them a more up-to-date image. The slick, colourful and easy-to-navigate design hosts a range of pages, including 'Results & Fixtures', a 'Gallery', and a 'News' page. It also shares information on the club's history and members, as well as informing visitors of the three fully licensed, modern function rooms the club hires out. Making the club's website more accessible and easier to use will mean supporters will be more likely to revisit the website to check in on the latest updates at their favourite cricket club.

CMS Live has also optimised the club's website for SEO with fast page loading times, which will put Nelson Cricket Club higher up in search engine rankings - the quick loading times giving website visitors a smoother, more instant, and more enjoyable experience. With such optimisation, we expect the club's website to see an increase in traffic, and the club gaining exposure as a result.

CMS Live's end of the deal also includes providing the club with web and email hosting, and full weekly back-ups to ensure its online presence is official, professional, up-to-speed and well administrated.

In return for those efforts, Nelson Cricket Club has allowed CMS Live to display its logo on its website, guaranteeing that visitors are made instantly aware that CMS Live is the club's proud sponsor. The logo, in prime positions at both the top and bottom of the website, can't be missed, and will potentially lead to people clicking through and visiting our own website.

As well as this, CMS Live will also have a board up in the clubhouse and the logo will appear on the scoreboard, which provides the company with a further opportunity to make itself known as a sponsor, giving the company more recognition amongst club members and supporters, of not only Nelson Cricket Club, but visiting teams, too.

CMS Live said: "We are delighted that on top of all that, we will sponsor the main menu of the Sportsman's Dinner, too: a great, social evening hosted by the club, that includes a fabulous three course meal, and guest entertainment from a top performer. Sponsoring an event like this means that our exposure as a company will move beyond the initial sports club territories, and we are pleased to be included in such an event with such importance. "We look forward to seeing our relationship with Nelson Cricket Club grow, and the benefits it will bring to each of us."