Clitheroe businessman delves in the world of electric

A Lancashire electrician is leading the way with home installations of Electric Vehicle charging points.

Clitheroe-based electrician, Witch Electrical, has created a new branch of the business with Witch EV, allowing customers to choose their own Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point and have it installed at their property.

Established by Jeff Hawley back in 2017, Witch Electrical has since worked on over 300 new build properties across the North of England, as well as many commercial projects including a large office refurbishment in Manchester and a London nightclub.

While still plying his trade as an electrician, Jeff has also moved into the installation of EV home charging points.

On the creation of Witch EV, Jeff said: “Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common, but owners mostly have to drive to charging stations to power their cars. Not only is this inconvenient, but they also lose power just driving to and from the stations.

“With the various current and planned restrictions on petrol and diesel vehicles, EVs are only going to become more popular. This is the direction the world is heading in, and we wanted to get ahead of the curve and start offering a home installation service now.

“It’s always tricky starting up a new side to an established business, but my partner, Rose, has been instrumental in getting us to where we are now. She helps with essential back office tasks like answering online enquiries, preparing quotes, and managing our installation bookings.”

“I should say as well that this new venture has no bearing on Witch Electrical. We’ll still be offering our electrician services as we always have, this is just another service we can now provide.”

Jeff was also keen to remind EV owners that government grants are available that can reduce the cost of having a charging point installed at home.

“We are fully OVEZ Grant approved, meaning that our customers could save money with us. There is certain criteria applied, but should they qualify, they can claim £350 off the price of their charging unit and installation costs.

“EVs are still a relatively new concept, and the government are providing these grants to encourage further uptake. If you’re an EV owner thinking about having your own charging point installed, now really is a great time.”

To get Jeff’s expert advice about the right electric charging point for your home, you can contact him at