Chinese businesses seek growth-hungry UK innovation partners

Chinese technology businesses are looking for UK partners to establish research and innovation partnerships in the world’s second largest economy.

Lancaster UniversityA delegation of six Chinese technology businesses from Guangdong Province – China’s most populous province - as well as the region’s Department of Science and Technology will be visiting Lancaster University this month.

The visit forms part of the Lancaster China Catalyst Programme, a large-scale business-engagement programme designed by the university to enhance UK links with China and boost international trade and business growth.

UK companies are invited to a special showcase event ‘Driving UK-China Innovation’ on Tuesday, December 16. The event will provide opportunities to find out more about how businesses can benefit from establishing research partnerships with companies in China -producing new products and services for global markets.

Nick Burd, director of the Lancaster China Catalyst Programme, said: “The Lancaster China Catalyst Programme is a unique university-led initiative to forge research and innovation partnerships between UK and Chinese businesses.

“The visit of Chinese companies to Lancaster follows on from a recent trip to Guangdong involving UK companies that led to some very promising partnership discussions. This visit of Chinese companies is a great opportunity for UK firms interested in growing their businesses through links to the Far East.”

The Chinese companies visiting Lancaster are involved in a range of technology and environmental science fields and include: Guangzhou Sanjing Electric, Guangzhou Jet Bio-Filtration Products, Cnhomeland Environmental, Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, China National Analytical Centre Guangzhou and Joinmax Technology.

The Lancaster China Catalyst Programme provides UK companies with dedicated support worth more than £70k to plan and develop research and innovation projects with a Chinese partner.

The programme involves Lancaster University graduates working on projects both in the UK and in China as part of their Masters degree studies in International Innovation. The Lancaster China Catalyst Programme has been created by Lancaster University and part-funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England's Catalyst Fund, the university and Lancashire County Council. It aims to revitalise the UK's position in global export markets, create 240 jobs, help up to 400 UK businesses and boost the economy by £40m.