Caveat emptor: factors to consider

Mergers and acquisitions are key routes to growing your business and can provide many benefits and opportunities from increased market share and a diversified offering to growth in sales.

Other major reasons for buying a business include synergistic savings, access to specialist equipment and knowledge, or overcoming barriers to entry to a specific sector.

But these positive opportunities don’t just deliver themselves, so what steps can you take to maximise your acquisition?

It is important to be supported by experienced professionals to guide you through the process and advise you on the best actions. There are inevitably risks associated with buying a business and potentially inheriting legacy issues from the previous owner.

There will also be significant cost and time implications. It’s therefore vital to carry out due diligence to be fully prepared to tackle the issues that may appear, and to ensure your existing business isn’t affected. There’s bound to be risks and it’s essential to ensure you’re fully prepared to address them.

Thinking through the post-deal implications of an acquisition is crucial. Integration of a business into your structure and the impact on existing management can pose unforeseen difficulties going forward, so plan ahead for that post-acquisition phase.

It is important to be supported by experienced professionals to guide you through the process

The correct expertise and guidance from professional advisors will help you achieve your desired outcome from a sale process irrespective of which route you choose, so you can focus on running your business without being too distracted by the deal.

At Beever and Struthers, we offer specialised advice and support tailored to your individual needs to ensure that your merger or acquisition delivers a positive impact.

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