Business support in North Lancashire

All businesses need support and advice to help them achieve their ambitions.

From starting a business to breaking into lucrative overseas markets, to advice and guidance tailored individually to your needs, the Chamber is here to make sure you have all the help you need for assured success - in whatever direction you lead your business.

We offer a range of assistance that can help companies at every stage of their development; from getting started to expanding their existing business activities.

Business Support in North Lancashire provided by Lancaster & District Chamber of Commerce: when it’s needed, and where it’s needed.

The Chamber gives you the opportunities to make money and save money with the right support at the right time. It’s the perfect combination to grow your business.

There are numerous business support programmes offered by local, regional and national providers. Finding these programmes can sometimes be difficult so the Chamber provides its members with personalised advice and guidance on all programmes businesses can and could benefit from.

The Chamber gives you the opportunities to make money and save money.

The Chamber has also created a dedicated business support section that showcases the latest available support programmes.

Our membership packages are tailored to your needs, whether it be for someone who is just starting out in business or our top-level ambassador membership which brings many more benefits not normally available.

Don't forget we are a local organisation dealing with local, regional, national and international level so have the experience and contacts to help and guide you.