Business mentors

Saesela RazviI am currently delivering an exciting new Mentoring Programme funded by the North West Regional Development Agency as part of a wider network to leaders and senior managers of businesses in Lancashire.

The Mentoring Programme is a free initiative available for owners and managers of businesses across the region.

It provides an opportunity to work with an experienced business leader, allowing them to realise their business potential.

The job involves building upon our network of enthusiastic business experts recruited as mentors, who are keen to share their experience and knowledge.

I am absolutely delighted to be involved in facilitating a programme which is excellent in terms of quality, information, professional development and networking.

All our Mentors are working to a quality framework which is accredited by the International Standard for Mentoring in Employment (ISMPE).

Our mentors have an interesting, diverse and highly professional background and, as experienced and successful business people, they understand the issues you face as a business owner or manager.

By providing an impartial view of your personal business and development needs they can help you to identify opportunities for growth.

One-to-one mentoring offers a highly personalised, tailored relationship specifically for and driven by your needs.

Client and mentor will meet over a period of typically six to 12 months, with mentoring sessions lasting a couple of hours each month.

The question is: ‘Why run your business at 80%?’

It is crucial to have as many skills and as much knowledge as possible to maintain and increase business. Take the opportunity to work with one of our business mentors who will support you in maximizing your business potential.

The role of the business mentor is to provide you with a wealth of experience, to listen, provide an external perspective and to act as a sounding board.

Clients who have participated on the mentoring programme have seen significant benefits which have supported the development, change and growth of their business.

Mentors are provided at no cost to your business.

Saesela Razvi, mentor co-ordinator, Business Venture Group Ltd.