Burnley security firm features at Monaco Yacht Show

Visitors to this year's Monaco yacht and super yacht show will be introduced to one of the UK’s leading security risk management and control specialists, Braniff Partnership, as part of the show’s world-leading yachting industry exhibitors.

Yacht ShowBraniff Partnership is a gold accredited security specialist, working with leading insurers and was invited to become part of the prestigious yacht show by top European yachting industry magazine The Islander, as part of its special Monaco Yacht Show edition.

Edward Cusack, founder and MD of Braniff Partnership, explains.”We are now being asked by our private clients not only to look at their risk and security profiles for their property and assets in the UK, but also to look at their overseas property portfolios, which often now requires marine security.

"There are increased risks and vulnerabilities to owning and being onboard a luxury yacht but equally there are huge advancements in technology-led security solutions for the maritime market. A professionally executed risk assessment is a vital element of health and safety management on board a super yacht in order to determine the measures required to reduce the level of incidents and accidents.”

Braniff Partnership features prominently as subject matter experts in The Islander's four-page Monaco yacht show editorial on super yacht security and uses its expert knowledge of risk management and control matters to advise the owners and crews of multi million super yachts.

Edward added: “We are delighted to be part of The Islander’s presence at Monaco. Marine piracy is what usually grabs the headlines and it is an issue, now being tackled with huge advancements in technology led solutions. Yet the luxury yacht owners and their crews are often at their most vulnerable when they are moored in a port or marina.

"We use a bespoke approach to identifying the risks, looking beyond what is obvious and applying the same core principles to maritime security as we do to protecting residential and commercial property assets."

The business, which has offices in Burnley, High Holborn, London and the Western Mediterranean, will feature alongside 500 of the worlds leading luxury yachting companies including builders of such jaw-dropping vessels as Eclipse, the 180-metre vessel owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and known as ‘the $1.5bn yacht'. The show launches in Monte Carlo’s iconic Port Hercules marina on Wednesday.