Burnley businesses join The Clarets in the Premier League

I was fortunate to sit on a business panel a couple of weeks ago and the subject was one close to my heart - Burnley and its regeneration.

By David Walker, +24 Marketing.

Burnley FC’s success has brought the spotlight to our wonderful town and as it establishes itself as a business force to be reckoned with, it was good to see the enthusiasm amongst the business leaders from the area.

Our pocket of the northwest is on the up. No longer living in the shadow of our Lancashire neighbours, we are harnessing the heritage of our fantastic industrial past and forging new paths in the world of tech and aerospace.

There is a real pride in the area - and since being recognised as the most enterprising part of the UK by the Prime Minister and Prince Charles, that pride is spreading. There is a great deal of investment and while we might have mourned the loss of the likes of Michelin and BEP in the past, they are now being replaced by new, forward-looking businesses.

Alongside the tech and aerospace however, is more than just a nod to our past - manufacturing is making waves in the region again. Yes, on a smaller scale than previous centuries, but thanks to relatively cheap rents, an enthusiastic workforce, investment in skill development and a strong supply chain linking us to major cities in all directions, it’s not surprising that manufacturers are seeing the area as a rock solid spot to put down roots.

The growth of these industries alongside each other here in Burnley all show very positive signs for the region. As I both live and work here, I can’t wait to see how it develops.