Blue Orange is an Xmas Party Hero


The Lancashire-based business is bringing festive cheer by supporting an international campaign to help those in need, as festive parties are cancelled due to the Covid crisis.

“We would normally bring everyone together for a festive shindig but it’s simply not possible this year,” says MD David Silous-Holt.

“As Covid has cancelled any chance of us all having a staff Christmas party together, we’re proud to have joined with many other businesses to make a big difference to a lot of people’s lives by supporting the #XmasPartyHeroes campaign.

“We have pledged the value of our unused Christmas Party budget, which runs into thousands of pounds, to support several local worthy causes who need help now more than ever.”

Blue Orange specialise in remote and on-site IT services as well as hardware supplies, to businesses, schools and colleges throughout Lancashire and beyond. It employs over 30 staff, as part of a multi-million-pound operation.