Big brands are idiots?

A popular misconception about Marketing and PR is that they are “sort of the same thing.”

It’s a myth sadly propagated by many a business beginner’s textbook, where you may find a list of marketing options, with public relations given as one of many alternatives to choose from.

This is a dangerous misunderstanding. Who needs PR, when I’ve got PPC? We get most of our leads through exhibitions, so we don’t really do PR. We got a big story in a paper once, and we didn’t get a single phone call from it! Those big brands are idiots – we are smarter with our budgets and just spend on what we need.

Skkrrk. Let’s go back a step.

Those big brands.

Are idiots.



How do you think the big brands became big brands? Were they hatched fully-formed to begin foolishly spending their big brand revenues on PR? Or had they read a better textbook, which properly explained the difference between Marketing and PR?

PR is for those businesses whose endgame is not just to survive but to thrive.

If you don’t have that book, think of it like this. Marketing is a business essential. There is good marketing and there is bad marketing. But, where there is no marketing, there is death.

PR on the other hand, is not a live or die option. It’s for those businesses whose endgame is not just to survive but to thrive.

To become a Big Brand and stay a Big Brand you have to invest. Time. Money. Effort. Reward.

Is your business worth it?

Or are you too smart to do PR?