Bespoke Healthcare included in Parliamentary Review


Preston-based Bespoke Healthcare has been included in the Parliamentary Review.

Chaired by Lord Pickles, former Conservative communities secretary, and Lord Blunkett, former Labour home secretary, The Parliamentary Review is a series of independent publications, which aims to share best practice among policy makers and business leaders.

Founded in 2006, Bespoke Healthcare is the leading independent provider of nerve conduction study tests for NHS hospitals throughout the UK.

Gwam Rajiah, Bespoke's executive chairman, said: "We have encountered many obstacles along our journey, from a basic unwillingness to outsource, to being dismissed as 'cloth-capped northerners'.

"Undeterred, we have built a service which has earned the trust of our NHS partners and is recommended by local clinical commissioning groups across the UK. We are seen by many of our competitors as the standard bearers."

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