Benefits of a customer newsletter

Many businesses find themselves spending the minimum amount of time in this source of marketing because they have been told once or twice that its what should be done. 

However, if you don’t truly believe in the benefits it can bring it will show in the content and design. 

In this advice article, I highlight the benefits of a customer’s newsletter, whether printed or email, and why it should be done regularly and rich with engaging content.

1. Increase Website Traffic

This is one of the first benefits of sending out an email version of a customer’s newsletter. If design correctly with well thought out content, it will invite customers to click through to your website to learn more. In turn, this increases your website traffic and your chance to capture the customer’s interest.

2. Trust, Relationship & Reputation

Regular on time send outs of your newsletter builds a trustworthy relationship with your customers. You become a reliable supplier and they begin to expect your content in their inbox or in the post. The time and regularity of your newsletter is just as important as the content and design.

Building a reputation as a leader in your sector takes time and effort so make sure to be using this effective tool in the best possible way.

3. Sales Opportunity

Of course, the aim of any marketing activity is to generate sales. A newsletter is a clever tool to talk about a product or service without it being a direct sales tactic. Build curiosity and interest with your audience and they will respond by interacting with your content and potentially enquiry about the product or service in question. 

Also, customers may not express an interest there and then, but when the time comes for them to make a purchase, your regular communications and visibility within their inbox or post will aid in attracting their interest and recognising you as the main supplier for their business needs.

So here are just three basic benefits a regular customer newsletter can bring to your business. Once you invest some time at the beginning of the process to set-out a strategy for your communications, the rest will become easier and, with time, bring in the desired results. L Marketing Online.