Bank of Dave wins top TV award

Bank of Dave, the Channel 4 TV series which followed Lancashire entrepreneur David Fishwick as he tackled red tape in an attempt to set up his own bank, has earned a Royal Television Society Award.

David Fishwick awardThe first episode of the two-part series, first aired last year, ranked side-by-side with other winners on the night, which included Sherlock, Coronation Street and the BBC’s coverage of the London 2012 Olympics.

And added to the good news, it was revealed that Fighting the Fat Cats, his follow-up that was shown late last month, topped more than one million viewers.

The self-made millionaire’s first exploits setting up Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd were filmed and broadcast last year, garnering huge media attention and setting social networks ablaze in support for both Fishwick’s idea and his lively and passionate approach.

The original show also attracted the attention of Vince Cable, who took time out to speak to David about his venture.

His operation so far has earned a waiting list of individuals, who can earn 5% interest on deposits of between £500 and £15,000. In turn, he uses the money to support the creation and growth of local businesses. All profits are then donated to Pendleside Hospice.