Baines Wilson hold employment law seminars

Baines Wilson, one of the north west’s leading employment law specialists, is holding employment law seminars for local businesses and HR professionals.

The seminars will cover restrictive covenants, compensation payments, how to conduct appeal hearings, and redundancy. The seminars will also update delegates on the latest case law and legislation.

Joanne Holborn, head of employment and training at Baines Wilson, commented: “The government has recently announced proposals to extend redundancy protection for new mothers. 

Furthermore, in a commitment to “improving quality of work in the UK”, the government’s ‘Good Work Plan’ was published in December 2018 with a list of proposals and some draft legislation (although with no dates when changes will take effect).   

Additionally, the abolition of tribunal fees has also seen the number of tribunals soar which, in turn, is having an impact on employers when they are dealing with issues with staff.

“Employers are working in a fast-changing environment, and it is now more important than ever to keep up with the latest employment practices and laws.  These seminars are important in enabling HR professionals to keep up with and have a good working knowledge of all employment legislation relevant to them.”

The Lancaster seminar will take place on 26th March at Lancaster House Hotel, Lancaster. Click here for more information.