Alvin Hall on the money during the lockdown and life lessons for your business

Welcome back to the Workplace Evolution Podcast: The podcast that aims to help employees & business leaders with workplace challenges. In this episode Workplace Evolution Director Michael Costello talks with the incredible Alvin Hall (broadcaster, author and financial guru most famous for his show "Your Money of Your Life") to help us during the lockdown and the many financial demands that have come with the coronavirus. All the way from New York, Alvin talks with Michael on "Knowing Your Financial Nut", how to keep your clients engaged throughout the crisis but also his life of poverty as a child, his mistakes with money (Alvin goes off the rails!?), his bounce-back from redundancy and 9/11 and how he achieved his financial success in his career.

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In an age where so many are promising us financial freedom for a hefty fee, Alvin now just wants to share his knowledge and wisdom with us all. As always, send in your feedback and comments, stay tuned for our next podcast with Formula 1 Driver David Coulthard on Mental Toughness.

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