Aircelle and Velocity Composites sign major new deal

Aircelle (Safran), the manufacturer of nacelles for the aerospace industry has announced the signing of a major deal with fellow Burnley-based business Velocity Composites.

Airecelle/Velocity_11/12/14The five year deal will see Velocity provide engineered structural and consumable material kits, with Aircelle making significant savings on material costs and improving productivity.

Aircelle’s Stephane Cueille, said: “We are delighted to sign this deal with Velocity Composites. They have worked with Aircelle since their formation and this deal demonstrates both how far they have progressed, and also our great confidence in their processes. Velocity will provide a first class service that will enable Aircelle to be more competitive and will ensure that our customers can rely on us!”

The partnership with Aircelle is a significant milestone in the remarkable growth of Velocity. Founded with Aircelle’s support in 2007 as a three-man business, Velocity now employs 85 people on a 32,000 square feet site and expects its regional workforce to exceed 100 early in 2015 along with a second site in the south of England.

Chris Banks, Velocity Composites’ operations director, said: “We’ve worked with Aircelle since we founded the business in 2007. Their support has been critical to our growth and we’re privileged to work with such a world class business. We’re continuing to grow and that means we’re creating high quality well-paid jobs for people in east Lancashire.

Velocity is the epitome of the high growth manufacturing businesses that will help the UK to rebalance the economy.” Besides Aircelle, Velocity now works with companies including Kaman, BAE Systems, GKN, Bombardier and GE Aviation. Aircelle is Europe’s leading provider of nnacelles and thrust reversers (engine casings and air brakes) and is a key player in the supply chain for Airbus. Aircelle’s components feature on aircraft such as the Airbus A320 and Airbus A330 - aircraft that are staples of most major airlines’ short and medium haul fleets, enabling international travel and connecting the world’s businesses.