Agency Worker Regulations

The Agency Workers regulations will entitle those working through an agency to the same working and employment conditions as those who have been recruited by the company once they have completed 12 weeks on assignment.

We canvassed views from an employment lawyer and a recruitment agent.

Amy Crabtree, employment solicitor at Forbes Solicitors, which has offices across the county, said: “It seems safe to say that the landscape of agency worker entitlements is changing and businesses need to know their obligations as there is likely to be an increased burden on administrative resources.

“Employers who fail to comply are leaving themselves open to employment tribunal claims and potential financial implications.”

Mark Wiggan, of Blackburn-based M65 Recruitment, said: “If companies are pro-active to the changes, there is very little to worry about. A good number of the stipulations within the AWR, such as equality in basic employment conditions, are already afforded to agency workers in the majority of companies.

“The biggest impact will be in the parity of pay for contractors. After 12 weeks’ service, all temporary and agency staff will be eligible to the same remuneration, holidays and overtime as permanent employees of the company they work for. However, if businesses act now to prepare for the changes, and closely manage and assess staffing levels and wage costs, they ought to be in a great position to successfully integrate the changes into their employment structures.”