Advice: Time to shine in interviews

At this time of the year, the employment market becomes more buoyant as businesses take on seasonal workers - and not just in the retail sector.

M65 Mark WigganManufacturers also increase their workforce temporarily between September and December, to meet seasonal demand. Here are five of M65 Recruitment's top tips to help job candidates really improve their chance of being taken on:
  1. Appearance is crucial, so it's important to look professional when you are interviewed to show you are making an effort. Always bear in mind that first impressions count.
  2. Don't arrive too early for interview - just 10 minutes before your interview time is ample. Half an hour early is inappropriate, and arriving late is just rude.
  3. Don't turn up without doing your homework. You need to be fully versed on the job - so you know exactly what an interviewer is looking for and you need to have done research on the company too.
  4. Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but this is your chance to shine, so speak with clarity and confidence to make sure you use lots of eye contact. Good recruitment agencies should be able to give you guidance on this - it's about projecting your voice, how you hold yourself.
  5. Finally, remember that the interview is a two-way conversation - and so whilst the interviewer is finding out about you, it's equally important for you to understand if the job is right for you. So if you think it is, don't just keep quiet. It's quite permissable to say something like "I'm really interested in this role - are there any more questions that you'd like to ask me to make sure I'm the most suitable?"
Mark Wiggan Managing director M65 Recruitment