ACE teams up with University of Salford

Advanced Combustion Engineering technical design staff have been collaborating with the oil and gas department at the University of Salford to deliver a training and qualification route for engineers involved with combustion technology and engineering disciplines.

The use of fossil fuels to generate heat for the production process is still the most widely used method throughout the world and will be for the foreseeable future.

Technical and design staff need to have knowledge and experience of many facilities including electrical and mechanical applications, gas and oil burner safety requirements, process control, covering baking and food processing, drying, metal component finishing and more.

The majority of manufactured products have some part of heat process during the formation of the product. ACE has developed burner systems over the past 25 years and has considerable process heating knowledge.

Due to the absence of a recognised training and qualification route in this subject Michael Pollitt worked along with Professor Ghasam Nasr and Doctor Martin Burby of Salford University to develop the Industrial and Commercial Combustion Course.

The course is taken over three years which covers 8 modules and a dissertation. The course is operated through the distance learning model, which enables the student to take the course over the internet. At the end of the course the examination leads to a MSc in Industrial and Commercial Combustion Engineering. This qualification can lead through to Chartered Engineer status (C Eng).