A low-risk route to recovery

On 1 October, the temporary measures provided to companies to protect them from creditor action were phased out.

Therefore, once you exhaust your own internal credit control processes, you will now be able to pursue your own debtors if they are beyond agreed credit terms. 

Very few companies ever commit to this process, as it’s often costly and time-consuming when engaging a lawyer.

In fact, 89 per cent of business owners won’t instruct a lawyer when faced with a dispute, due to high costs.

However, there is another solution so that you retain some control over the situation if any of your customers won’t pay you. 

Our recovery specialists will assess your case without cost. 

If they believe that the evidence shows you have a legal right to payment of the invoice and the debtor is able to pay, they will engage with you to firstly attempt to manage the dispute using negotiation and, if that isn’t successful, they will take the process through the courts process on a no-win, no fee basis.

This solution streamlines the traditional process, reducing the barriers to accessing your cash. 

It’s quick, collaborative and removes upfront costs while minimising financial risk.

The sooner you act the better, as you may find that other creditors have taken steps to make the company insolvent and your outstanding debt may have to be written off.

Get in touch with us to see how your hard-earned money can be recovered.

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