5 Marketing Resolutions for 2018

By Elliot Paynter, Ignition CBS.

Whether you’re still busy planning or have already established your strategy for the coming 12 months, here are some simple resolutions you can adopt that will help set you up for a successful year of marketing.

1. Get ready for GDPR

There are only a few months to ensure your business complies with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which takes effect on 25 May 2018.

Remember, the individuals in your database must explicitly opt-in to continue receiving marketing communications, whether by email, phone or post.

Reviewing how you seek, record and manage consent is a must, along with implementing any changes required to meet the GDPR standard.

2. Quality over quantity

Look at GDPR as your golden ticket to engagement.

It’s true your database may get smaller, but this refined list of contacts will help you to target the right people who genuinely want to hear from your business.

Find out what interests them and focus on delivering personalised and relevant content that connects with your post-GDPR audience.

3. Refresh your website content

Make a point to schedule regular updates throughout 2018.

This will not only ensure a fresh user experience for your customers leading to higher conversion rates, but will also improve SEO rankings. Frequently added content, such as blog or article posts, signal that your website is an active source of information and gives you the opportunity to include more keywords.

4. Keep branding consistent

Take the time to review your current marketing material – are the colours, fonts and style consistent? Ensuring that they are will strengthen your brand’s visual identity, helping your business to make a far stronger and lasting impression.A good agency will help you to develop a series of simple brand guidelines that can be applied across all printed and online material.

5. Try something new

Don’t get stuck in a marketing rut. Make 2018 the year to try something different. This could be adding a new blog to your website, publishing articles on LinkedIn or video marketing. Widening your horizons will help you to create new touchpoints for people to experience and interact with your brand.