Employment Mock Disciplinary Investigation & Hearing with Forbes Solicitors

Handling Disciplinary Investigations and Hearings: How to ensure your disciplinary process is fit for an employment tribunal.

The prospect of going to an Employment Tribunal can be daunting. Therefore, how you undertake an investigation and conduct a disciplinary hearing is crucial to ensure that any risk to your organisation is minimised.

Our Mock Investigation and Hearing delivered by Emma Swan, Partner and Head of Commercial Employment at Forbes Solicitors will demonstrate a realistic insight into a case of social media use impacting working relationships in the workplace. The Mock Investigation and Hearing will delve into the workings of a disciplinary case to demonstrate the issues unfolding, including the investigation meetings and disciplinary hearing.

There will be the opportunity for discussion about the decision and evidence with learning points throughout where we will discuss best practice to put your organisation in the best position to ultimately defend Employment Tribunal claims.

This is an event that is designed for anyone with staff management responsibilities, particularly those involved in disciplinary matters, including HR specialists, line managers, owner managers and those involved in representing staff at formal hearing.

Members and non-members welcome

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