Crisis Management Handling Investigations & Complaints

Forbes Solicitors next Education Training is taking place online on 7th July at 10:00am. This webinar will focus on crisis management handling in relation to investigations and complaints.

As an education provider, ensuring a balance between maintaining the welfare and satisfaction of staff, parents and students can be a difficult and conflicting task. The interplay between safeguarding, employment, reputational, and educational issues necessitates a multifaceted response to what are often complex problems, exacerbated in some cases by the necessity to involve and liaise with external agencies. We aim to address the potential pitfalls and talk through various strategies to manage such problematic situations with a view to bringing closure to complaints before they escalate and result in legal action.

Our interactive session will consider:

  • The various origins of complaints – pupils, parents and staff
  • Conflicting interests
  • Safeguarding issues
  • Policies and procedures
  • Managing expectations
  • The legal framework behind and importance of a reasonable investigation
  • The key stages of the investigation process
  • Evidence gathering and interviewing witnesses
  • Working alongside agencies
  • Impact of criminal investigations
  • Reaching a decision
  • Potential next steps following an investigation
  • Reputational management

 To book your place on this course please follow this link.