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What do first-time buyers have in common with the modern SME?

As any business owner will know, there’s never a one-size-fits all approach when it comes to managing a team...

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Techie insights: TeamViewer Pilot

Anyone who knows our tech team here at Q2Q HQ, will be well aware that we love checking out the new technolo...

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Lessons learned from my determined dad

This month saw my social media feeds filled with posts around Father’s Day, with many of my friends giving a...

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Why Post-it notes could help to allay those feelings of fear

Mental Health Awareness Week took place last month and, rather unsurprisingly given the current circumstance...

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Lancaster IT firm prepares to get businesses back to work

With the UK taking tentative steps to return to work, Q2Q IT is preparing to reverse-engineer the 1,030 hour...

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Five homeworking tips you may not have thought about

When working from home, there are some tech challenges which face us all. Here are five homeworking tips you...

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The tech preparation involved in the furlough process

Did you know there is lots to consider IT – and non-IT – wise for both employers and employees throughout th...

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COVID-19: The tech life lessons we have learnt so far

Working from home might be a new concept for some, but at Q2Q IT both ourselves and our clients have learned...

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Free tools and software to maximise remote working efficiency

Here are some of the best (free) technology and productivity tools available right now - to help with remote...

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