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Reopen Your Business Safely & Compliantly: COVID 19 Screening with eForms & Automation

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Top 5 ways document management reduces operational costs

Digital document management cuts man-hours and therefore costs by automating workflows and eliminating time-...

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How “green” offices vary from country to country

If we can reduce human-made greenhouse gases we may be able to achieve sustainable levels of CO2 emissions....

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7 essential best practices for document management

When you’re thinking about implementing a digital document management system, these proven best practices wi...

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Key Digital wins prestigious Epson Award

Key Digital have been awarded Epson’s Head of Sales Recognition Award 2020, marking a great achievement thro...

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Digitisation versus digitalisation: What’s the difference?

The two may sound similar, they may sound like synonyms for one another, but they are very much different. L...

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Key Digital and corporate social responsibility

Sustainability and health are the top priorities of many people’s 2021 list, and businesses should have the...

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