Zoom fatigue and bringing the sparkle back

Firstly, I ask your forgiveness for using ‘new’ and ‘normal’ in this opening sentence, but there is no getting away from the fact that video calls and messages are absolutely, the new normal. 

There’s no travel, minimal cost, and the only health concerns are cold legs now that we’ve realised we don’t need to wear trousers whilst Zooming!

However, there is a more serious drawback in that we can start to forget just how powerful and more engaging ‘seeing’ someone is when we communicate, even if it is via remote technology.

Whether in virtual meetings or recording presentations, if we become complacent we can look bored, slouch, read emails whilst people are talking, all the things we would not think of doing in a face-to-face situation.

Studies have proven that whilst what we say is especially important, it’s also vital that we look and sound confident and professional too. So, for your next Zoom or Teams meeting:

Plan what you are going to say and prepare bullet points, just as you would if you had travelled for a client meeting.

Make sure you are well lit but try and avoid a bright light behind you. 

Get a decent plug-in microphone and do not rely on the built-in ones on the laptop or webcam.

If you are a fidgeter, try to avoid a chair that swivels. (Honest, this makes a difference.)

And vitally, look into the lens of your filming device and not at the person on screen as this gives you direct eye contact with your audience which creates engagement.

By doing the above you will bring back that sparkle to your virtual meetings. Trousers are still optional though.

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