Your website as a salesperson

Do you think of your website as you would a salesperson?

When a business hires a salesperson KPIs are agreed which they aim to deliver on and improve over time.

The business also normally trains its salespeople so their pitch aligns with the company’s positioning and products or services. Marketing assets are produced to support that pitch.

Performance is reviewed regularly with numbers tracked and reported daily, weekly, or monthly and totals for leads and sales are shared on the office wall.

Whilst most businesses apply this degree of rigour with sales hires, they rarely do the same with their website, even though its purpose is similar.

Yet what we have seen over the years is that as soon as a business starts to manage its website as it would a salesperson, unsurprisingly, the website suddenly starts generating more leads and sales.

With this more strategic mindset, certain things start to happen:

  • Website leads and sales are tracked on the office wall
  • Conversion rate is tracked and the website tweaked each month to improve it
  • User testing is arranged and the business learns what people really think of the site
  • New campaigns and assets are regularly produced to promote the website
Few businesses expect their salespeople to succeed without KPIs

Few businesses expect their salespeople to succeed without KPIs, regular reporting, and investment in marketing assets to support them.

So it’s unsurprising that the businesses getting the most leads and sales online are the ones that have realised their website works best when they manage it they same way they would manage a salesperson.

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