Your business needs to Engage 2 Grow

2015 will be an exciting year for Lancashire businesses who want to grow and improve business performance.

You'll know that engaged employees make satisfied customers and profits, and you may already carry out your own customer satisfaction surveys and employee research but we've found that the missing ingredient in seeing unparalleled business growth is the connection between them both.

The overriding message from our own research and studies by CIPD throughout 2014 is the need to take a more joined-up view of engagement; to engage with employees AND customers in order for a business to succeed by driving better performance and increased profitability. The role played by employee and customer engagement to improve these two key elements is being increasingly recognised by organisations across the world.

So this is why we've created Engage2Grow; a new, unique leadership programme to be launched in January 2015 that identifies and instructs business leaders on how to achieve better engagement while at the same time building a world class environment inside the business.

There is nothing else available like the Engage2Grow programme which is delivered by Scancapture Ltd, a leading engagement provider based in Blackburn and will be offered to Lancashire's growing business community who employ more than 20 people.

Formed in 2002, Scancapture has surveyed over a million employees and customers for an impressive list of satisfied customers. Boasting household-name companies amongst its clientele from 20 people to 100,000 people, the Engage2Grow programme is designed to improve how companies interact and communicate with its staff and customers, finding out what they want today, what they don’t want and what they’ll want tomorrow.

Our simple but powerful 3 step programme will:

1. Review your business' culture, operational processes and identity. You will only grow your business by meeting needs so you must review how you currently meet, or don’t meet, those needs.

2. Research the market, your competitors, your customers and your employees. Knowledge is power. Powerful research is the difference between a thriving and successful business and an expensive failure.

3. Transform your business giving you a competitive edge, well researched evidence and the confidence to grow. Just a 2.5% increase in engagement over a year, on average, results in an increased revenue of 4% the year after. Engagement works in any business, at any time, forever.

Scancapture deliver clear insights with practical exercises to identify work areas, show you how to build a world class environment and are dedicated to customer service excellence to help businesses improve their bottom line through more effective engagement strategies and slicker operations. “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny” - Aristotle