Wyre Council appoints Happy Creative to talk rubbish

Wyre Council has appointed Happy Creative to deliver a waste education marketing campaign to improve recycling behaviours in the district, following a successful tender.

The campaign focusses on educating residents on ‘recycling’ whilst addressing more nuanced issues like the accuracy of recycling (placing the right items in the right bins) and reducing the overall level of waste by repurposing and reusing as well as recycling, known as the 3Rs.

The educational digital campaign will tackle a wide range of behaviours, with its focus on the local community and with a potentially much wider impact. 

Working with the council’s Public Realm & Environmental Sustainability and Marketing teams, Happy is delivering marketing support, brand building and online awareness raising.

Happy started with developing a new strategy for engagement built on a greater understanding of Wyre Council’s customers. The residents of Wyre are at different stages of their sustainability awareness journey. Some are fully signed up, others feel compelled to act by their children, and others remain resistant to change. So the new campaign aims to reach residents with messaging that matters to them.  

The theme of the campaign “if rubbish could talk” brings to life every day rubbish whose purpose is to educate about waste in a fun, engaging way.

Brand assets include a new microsite, quizzes, interactive features, blog, gifs and animations and social media posts to share the messages.

The new campaign launched in time for Christmas – a time when waste levels typically reach their peak, and Chief Happy, Karen Lambert is thrilled to be on board.

“What a privilege it is to be able to play our part in making a difference in the Wyre community, and one that has such far-reaching outcomes. It’s really inspiring to know that what we’re doing will contribute to something much bigger than the campaign itself. Our goal is to create a campaign and assets that will Influence long term behavioural change. Making that sort of difference is deeply satisfying.”

The Wyre campaign is the latest in a growing number of ‘clients with purpose’ who are choosing Happy to spread their message of sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental wellbeing.