Workplace Evolution Podcast with an original member of the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team

What an amazing way to start off 2020 - sun, sand, tropical weather and errr...ICE!

The year ahead is likely to bring change and challenges in new and different forms for all of us. If you have challenging goals and ambitions you are likely to face ambiguity and the unknown - this can be difficult to contend with. This podcast can help!....

Michael Costello, Managing Director of Workplace Evolution Ltd. in Lancaster meets with his first guest for 2020 Devon Harris (3 time olympian and founding member of the Jamaican bobsleigh team) who has had his fair share of change over the years - as well as contending with bias and stereotypes.

We didn't shy away from the difficulties he faced in his career, the impact of the Disney film "Cool Runnings" and his views on sport today.

Here are the big questions we explored:

  • Did the Jamaican bobsleigh team experience Unconscious Bias & did the film Cool Runings help support stereo-types of Jamaica? How did the team combat any stereo types about Jamaica?
  • What did he learn about the change mind-set, the pursuit of dreams and dealing with his greatest fears?
  • We discuss clean Russian athletes being at risk of bias as well as the British bobsleigh team belatedly given bronze due other teams cheating
  • How to manage the expectations of the "Microwave Generation" who want their dreams now and expect to get it!

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