Workplace Evolution podcast: Motivation and mental health with the former This Morning doctor

Welcome to this podcast recorded back in February before the lock-down. In this podcast Michael Costello interviews psychiatrist, broadcaster and author Dr Raj Persuad. Having gained extensive experience in the NHS and lecturing across the UK, he is best known for raising public awareness of psychiatric and mental health issues in the general media.

This podcasts asks some huge questions around motivation in life and in the workplace. We cover key themes around mental health, happiness, the importance of being yourself as well as understanding what drivers you to do what you do. Powerful concepts come with this such as “Success Depression”, Type 1 and Type 2 Happiness, the “Perfect Day Exercise” and the “Have a Nice Day Syndrome”.

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What will you take from this podcast?...

  • Understand why knowing our motives is so important in achieving our goals – and how to identify our motives
  • Explore the importance of setting goals in a "Goal Hierarchy" and using emotional intelligence to recognising when short-term and long-term goals clash with one another
  • Know the different types of happiness you might be experiencing – how do we get the right balance?
  • Identify the situations in your work that might put you at risk of hiding your emotions from others
  • Lastly, time to think about what might happen if you achieve everything you want to achieve?

Make sure you pause the podcast when you get to the “Perfect Day Exercise”!
Stay safe and healthy guys - Michael

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