Workplace Evolution Podcast: How to Lead Smart People

This episode explores the work of Mike Mister and Sir Arun Singh OBE and their new book "How To Lead Smart People". The episode is rich in advice and guidance on current and common workplace challenges such as

  • How to lead in an organisation that is rich in jealousy and rivals
  • Contending with "Mood Hoovers" by being an "Energy Radiator"!
  • Managing the Impostor Syndrome & Winning the War on Hidden Talent
  • Communicating with teams working remotely
  • What leaders in politics should be aware of in terms of authenticity and trust
  • Navigating politics / Using Political Intelligence
  • Strategic Alignment when leading Smart People!

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The book focuses on the rise knowledge workers and experts in the workplace and the challenges leaders face in running this type of organisation (e.g. architecture, lawyers, accountants, professional services).

Mike Mister was formerly the Global Director for Executive Development at EY Global and is now based at the Møller Institute at Churchill College, University of Cambridge. He works in supporting the development of leadership and change management capability in large organisations.  For over 25 years he has worked in the specialised area of professional services firms. His key areas of expertise and interest are at the intersection of strategy, commercial success and the organisation's people agenda.

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