Workplace Evolution Podcast Episode #7 - The 4 Day Week with Charlotte Lockhart

Welcome to the Workplace Evolution podcast #7! During this episode Michael Costello (Workplace Evolution Director based in Lancaster) meets with Charlotte Lockhart - CEO of "4 Day Week Global" a community where all those interested in the 4 Day week can connect, share ideas and help create the movement.  This podcast is a great debate and exploration of an exciting concept…the 4 Day Week. It asks some very serious questions about where the workplace is heading. What would it mean to you if you could...

  • Balancing shareholder value and the needs of our employees?
  • Pay for the value people add rather than their time in the office? 
  • What if there was a way to start winning the battle against an ever growing mental health problem in this country? 
  • Not to mention the equality challenges, pressures on family, the ageing population and even the environment

The podcast gives some insight in to the challenges of implementing a 4 Day Week as well as whether it is really for everyone. It also touches on some big political questions of our time - what society do we want in theUK? How would the great British tax payer feel about the 4 Day Week? Is it only for those that can afford it?

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