Workplace Evolution Podcast #5: Emotional intelligence, Donald Trump and NASA

In Episode #5 of the podcast Michael Costello (director of Workplace Evolution based in Lancaster) meets with Dr Steve Stein, one of the first psychologists to not just research emotional intelligence but to believe in it when other's didn't. He is the author of EI for Dummies and psychologist for reality TV shows such as Big Brother.

We explored some fascinating topics in out discussion

  • What Emotional Intelligence actually is, why it is important and how you can improve this area at work
  • The "EI" traits that make for an ideal president!
  • Why NASA is considering EI as a key factor for success in its mission to Mars!
  • How does EI relate to EI and can it really help predict a Big Brother Winner?
  • How global leaders such as Satyan Nadella at Microsoft and Ginny Rometty at IBM use EI in the workplace

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Also, stay tuned as to why Michael owes Dr Steve Stein a pint as well as fish and chips!

Podcast Notes:

Multi Health Systems Test Publisher Website:
Dr. Steven Stein's Website & Blog:

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